About Veteranscribe and His Blog

For both my vocation and my avocation, I write.

In my work as a public relations consultant, I write and edit all manner of business communications. I also provide editorial advice and services to individuals, in both their business and their personal writing endeavors. Drop an email to TJBurkeAssocs@aol.com if you could use my help.

As a freelance writer, I frequently do feature stories and personal profiles. I like to talk to people of all ages and in all lines of work. There’s something to admire, something that simply should be told, about almost everyone. I’ve also been writing about sports and its people for more than 40 years.

Modeling a Super Bowl III Ring

In several past lives and jobs – as a banker, educational fund raiser, auto industry production analyst, high-tech marketer – I was invariably the one who was asked to “write this up” or “put it into plain English.”

I guess I was pretty good at it.  I love and respect words.  I strive to use words and language wisely and well, and to help others do so. It can be hard.  But it’s worth it.

Even in this era of instant, online communication, words are our most powerful weapon and sharpest tool. If we write and speak simply and clearly, we’re on the way to success and prosperity. But if we use words poorly or carelessly, we place ourselves and our work at a tremendous and needless disadvantage.

When I’m “off the clock,” I like to blog about interesting things I’ve learned through reading or talking to others. If it’s cool, I can’t resist the urge to share it with readers. From time to time – and this is more difficult –  I also try to convey my thoughts and feelings about the big issues: friendship, love, beauty, nature, loyalty, good and evil.

Thank you for coming to my blog. I invite you to come back often. Please feel free to respond and comment.

Tom Burke

P.S.  No, I didn’t play for Namath’s Jets in Super Bowl III.

10 Responses to “About Veteranscribe and His Blog”

  1. Jim Reid Says:

    Hello, my friend. I enjoyed your remarks to the B.C. Hockey Eagles -well done! Classy and Classic!
    Re: people and their stories (above), I recall my brother John, long ago recommended a book to me called “Write Your Own Epitaph”, and lately I have developed the habit of reading the longest obituaries in the paper. I find lives full of accomplishments very interesting – and daunting. I should have started sooner.

  2. Frances S. Della Penna (Mrs. Tom) Says:

    Tom- Just finished Tales From the BC Hockey Locker Room. Loved it. You and Reid fleshed out people and events that I only heard about through the years of listening to my Tom, and eventually the 2 sons who also were Eagles, and attending games along the way. Thanks!

  3. rcjmj333 Says:

    Can you post your eulogy and jimmy’s letter?

  4. tommurraytoday Says:

    Hey Tom: I’m now following!!

  5. Brian W. Shaughnessy Says:

    Mr. Burke,

    I am a very big fan of all your contributions to Boston College sports. And I thoroughly enjoyed your book about BC hockey several years ago. I was a BC hockey season ticket holder prior to moving to Hawaii in 2007, and your calls of BC hockey and football always added to the game-day experience and created a lot of great memories of attending those games with my Dad.
    I am authoring a book about the history of the Hobey Baker Award, and it is scheduled to be published and printed later this year. I’m sure you have some good memories of past Hobey winners playing at Kelley Rink, both BC’s three winners and those on opposing teams.

    Take care,

    Brian W. Shaughnessy
    Honolulu, Hi

    • veteranscribe Says:

      Hello Brian. Thank you for this kind comment. All those years on the p.a. at BC Football and Hockey have been great memories. Best of luck with your book on the Hobey. I was on the committee for a couple of years, when I was covering college hockey for the Hockey News and as a stringer for the NY Sunday Times. We cast our votes by Western Union.

      • Brian W. Shaughnessy Says:

        Hi Tom,

        Thanks for your reply. That’s very interesting you were on the Hobey committee. I read many of the western college hockey writers were upset when an undrafted, undersized defenseman from Harvard (Mark Fusco) won the award in 1983. It was only the third year of the Hobey Baker Award. Although nobody could have complained if Jerry York’s first recruit at Bowling Green, Brian Hills, won the Hobey that year after scoring more than 90 points.
        It must have been special to see so many games involving BC’s three Hobey winners over the years. David Emma was the first Hockey East player win the Hobey, and he still holds the record for the fastest goal to start an NCAA tournament game (:06 against Minnesota in 1990). Mike Mottau is still BC’s all-time leader in assists, and Johnny Gaudreau is the only player in the 21st century to lead the nation in goals, assists, and points, having accomplished the feat in 2014.
        Thank you again for everything you’ve done for BC hockey over the years.

        Brian W. Shaughnessy
        Honolulu, HI

  6. Joshua Antrim Says:

    Hello Tom, I would like to get in touch with you about your research on George Lermond. e is from my town of Nahant and I’m planning on writing a children’s book about him, mainly for the kids of the local school. Are you willing to share your contact information?

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