Stanley Cup Finals

As I write this, the series stands at 3-2 in favor of Vancouver.  Sure, I’m rooting for Boston. They may yet win it.  Vancouver is a better team, but not by that much. But even if the Bruins don’t pull it out, I’m proud of them. I hope you are too. This memorable series shows why hockey players – fearless, selfless – are the Navy Seals of the sporting world.  In hockey, it’s all about the team and the mission.

I was there for the final years of the Original Six, those seasons when the Bruins and Rangers always finished out of the playoffs. I was there when Milt Schmidt’s Grand Theft Trade brought Esposito, Hodge, and Stanfield to Boston – and when Milt added Eddie Shack to the rollicking supporting cast for Bobby Orr, hockey’s greatest player ever. I was in the old Boston Garden when Orr scored his iconic overtime goal against the great Glenn Hall in 1970, suffered through the Dryden debacle in 1971, and cheered the return of the Cup in 1972. It seemed like the good times would never end. But end they did.

Good times have returned.  But take it from me. They may not stay. Enjoy and appreciate while you can.

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