The End of the World is not Upon Us – But Don’t Scoff at the Mayans

There have been many articles and more than a few jokes about the end of the world that the ancient Mayans of Mexico supposedly predicted.

Don’t laugh. It’s not going to happen. But the Maya never predicted it anyway. What they prophesied, long ago, has just been misinterpreted.

Click on this YouTube link and check out the short (about 4 minutes) clip from NASA. It gives a concise and plausible explanation of the Mayan prophecy.

Essentially, this December 21 is a day on which the ancient Mayan calendar “re-sets” to the same reading as on the day of creation, many thousands of years ago. Reminds me of the Y2K non-event – remember that one?

The Maya believed that the world will be renewed, not destroyed. Sounds good to me. Let us embrace that renewal!

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