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An Address to 2014’s New England College Hockey Award Winners

April 17, 2014

Remarks Delivered at Presentation of 62nd Annual Walter Brown Award, New England Hockey Writers’ Dinner, April 16, 2014 in Saugus, Massachusetts

One of my favorite Bible passages is a single line from the Book of Proverbs:

“Remove not the ancient monument.”

To me that means never forget where you came from. Always remember who brought you here.

That’s what we’re doing tonight, and every year, with the Walter Brown Award and with all the others you’ll hear…Joe Concannon, Bobby Monahan, Leonard Fowle, Herb Gallagher and the rest.

When we select winners of these named awards, we are honoring both the achievements of the present – yours – and the good works of the past – theirs. Just as the Bible tells us to do. Hockey people do as the Bible says.

My uncle Walter Brown did many great things in his long career as a sportsman. But he was the first, and the most energetic, promoter of American amateur hockey on the international scene. His college boys rewarded him with America’s first world championship in 1933.

Writers like Bobby and Joe and Len loved your game, they loved the players who were just like you, and they made sure to tell their stories to the world. Hockey is much richer for the lives they all led and the work they did.

I congratulate all those we’re honoring tonight and wish you the best in your upcoming chapters, whether they are with blades on your feet or not.

And to those who leave here with their names inscribed on these various memorial awards – you’re getting something that’s extra special and unique. Your name will always be associated with hockey people who are the best of the best.

I think I can speak for them when I say that they are proud to be associated with you too. They’re cheering you now from the Second Balcony.

The winner of the 62nd annual Walter Brown Award, to the best American-born Division One hockey player in New England, of the Herb Gallagher Award for best forward in New England, and the Leonard Fowle Award for Most Valuable Player in New England, is a member of the Calgary Flames by way of Boston College, “Johnny Hockey” Gaudreau.